Planning Ahead is the Key to Healthy Eating

“Plan ahead” is something we have been told all throughout our lives. It’s not always possible to plan ahead for certain things but I have found that in my own life, it’s essential for me to stay on track with healthy eating.

Try to think of the times you have given in and eaten something not so healthy. Were you starved? In a rush? Did you make up excuses about needed something quick?

All these excuses could be remedied just by planning ahead.

Five Tips for Planning Ahead:

1. Prepare your breakfast, lunch, and snacks the night before. Doing this will prepare you for the occasional alarm mishap that has you scrambling to get to work in 10 minutes. I have heard of people filling up their blender container with all the ingredients for a green smoothie and sticking it in the fridge so it’s ready to go the next morning. Also, packing your snacks and lunch will keep you on track at work.

2. Keep healthy snacks in your work area. I always have fruit or nuts with me so that when I start to get hungry I can munch on something before I get desperate. Another good tip is to eat a snack right before you leave work. If you do this, it’s less likely that you’ll arrive home starved, with very little patience to prepare a healthy meal.

3. Make things easy on the weekends. By washing, cutting, and prepping your produce on the weekends, you can make it much easier to prepare meals during the week. Also, this will allow you to plan out your meals so that nothing goes to waste.

4. Prepare for dinners out. If you know the restaurant you will be eating at, look at the menu online. If you can’t find anything healthy then make sure to eat a large salad prior to heading out. Doing this will prevent you from overeating unhealthy foods and will make it even more likely that you will stick to your healthy eating plan.

5. Don’t be caught off guard at family functions. If you know your family doesn’t eat as healthy as you, don’t ignore this. Eat beforehand or offer to bring something. This will give you the opportunity to have something healthy to eat as well as share that dish with your friends and family. Who knows? They might get hooked!

What are your tips and tricks for planning ahead?