The Superbowl Sunday Sabotage

For those of you with the new year’s resolution of eating healthier and getting in better shape, Superbowl Sunday could be your biggest nightmare. Since you committed to improving your lifestyle, you probably have not had many opportunities for major temptation. Barely any holiday parties (unless you celebrated Chinese New Year) and there has not been much time for birthday parties (unless you know 15 people with January birthdays and went to each of their parties). It has been a pretty safe ride so far… until now.

I heard on the radio today that Superbowl Sunday is the number one pizza ordering and delivery day. They recommend that orders be placed far in advance to insure your pies make it before the post-game champagne celebrations in the locker room. Of course it does not stop at just pizza. There are always tons of other unhealthy snack options to trip up on. It can be pretty easy to end up overindulging on the endless food options.

My previous advice for holiday parties still stands but I would like to offer further advice. For some reason, sports and dips go hand in hand. Before you get carried away with the french onion dip while watching the game, remember, the guys you are watching on the field are burning 100s of calories… you are not.

First off, skip the chips altogether. If you are worried that a veggie platter will not be there then bring your own. I do this often. For example, many times people fail to add a fruit salad to the dessert table so I take one.

The next step is resist dipping the veggies in the unhealthy dips like blue cheese or ranch. Instead, make your own healthier dips like hummus or even guacamole. The Doctors show has a few great dip recipes that can really reduce your calorie intake at one of these parties.

It is so important to continue to push on with your new year’s resolutions because the longer you stay in line, the easier it becomes. For those of you that have already given in to temptation or end up doing so today, don’t give up! Just because you have not been perfect with your resolution does not mean that you should give up on the idea entirely. Get back on the horse and continue on the ride to a better, more healthier you.